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Healthy Mindset -> Healthy Body

Here's how to get the results you desire:

So, I guess you’re here because you want change! You want to change the way you look. You want to change the way you feel. Maybe you even want to change the way other people think about you?

Because let’s face it, you’ve likely tried countless diets by now. And even seen some success; but somehow the old habits soon creep back into your life and before you know it, your weight is back to where it was before. If not even worse.

This has led to feelings of frustration and maybe even resignation. You may even have been told by other people (or read in the press or online) that being overweight is fine. That ‘fat-shaming’ is wrong [actually true!] and that you should just ‘accept yourself for who you are’…

…Even if that is an unfit and overweight land whale who:

  • Cannot fit into their clothes

  • Can barely walk up the stairs without breaking a sweat

  • Can feel your belly wobbling up and down as you walk

  • Your belt has run out of holes

  • The waist band of your trousers always flips down

  • Your thighs rub together when you walk making you sore and discouraging you from taking that walk altogether.

It’s a slippery slope of overeating and lack of exercise, leading to feelings of self loathing and depression leading to even more comfort eating and less exercise.

If you’ve been through all this (many of us have!) and still decided that enough is enough. And to finally do something about it, I want to be the one to help you through this. I want to gently guide you to see yourself in a new light. To change the way you think about food and your body and health.

And I want to do it in a way that:

  • Removes the need for fad diets.

  • Sets you up for success.

  • Rewards you in a positive way for healthy living.

  • Will make you want to take more exercise.

  • Want to eat healthier.

  • Want to eat less.

And do so in a way that is permanent. No more yoyo-ing. No more failure. No more feelings of guilt. No more!

But wait… here’s the deal. In order for me to help you, I need something from you first. Actually two things :-). The first is 110% commitment to seeing this through until the end. That means total commitment to change. The second is an open mind. Why do you need an open mind? You see, in order for this process to work (and it really will work!) we will need to go deep into your psyche and do a little minor reprogramming work using techniques and tools borrowed from the field of psychology and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy).

Your relationship with food began at an early age. Things you believe to be true about yourself. Habits that formed young and have been reinforced over an extended period of time. You are unique. We will need to conduct some analysis to work out exactly what (unpack) your unique set of beliefs are and understand how they are effecting you to this day. We will then deconstruct them and lay them out on the table to be examined and separate them out into helpful and unhelpful beliefs. With this work out of the way we will go through your unhelpful beliefs and suggest more helpful ones that can replace them. Then finally we will work through methods and tools to reprogram your mind and instil the desirable beliefs and habits.

With your new beliefs and habits in place your life will start to change immediately. The desire to overeat will disappear and the new healthy you will emerge. But, by now you’re probably wondering just how this material will be delivered. And this is where the smart part come in. You see I’ve distilled all my knowledge, all the requisite tools and materials. Video lessons, worksheets, quizzes, questionnaires, reading material into a digital course that you can access instantly right now. Everything you need in one place. You can watch the lessons again and again, as many times as is required in order to get the results you want. You are in charge, you do the lessons as quickly or as slowly as you want in your own time and at your own pace.

But of course, for those of you who are most serious about making permanent change, nothing beats actual one to one sessions with me, live over video call. Drop me a mail: to begin the conversation. The benefits of one to one coaching are manifold. Most importantly is being held to account, this alone is worth the price. You will find my prices are very reasonable and invariably pay for themselves over time anyway. Most people say that coaching is the most valuable investment they’ve ever made. So if you are interested please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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