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Step 2: Focusing on the Goal

Time to make it happen... 

Well done! You have made it an entire week, that's some good effort and great progress already.  On to Week Two: Focusing on the Goal, but first a little recap of what you have achieved already:

Journalling tasks completed

  • Self reflection

  • Explored what feelings were coming up for you at the start of the week

  • Daily gratitude 

  • What is going well for you/what isn't

  • What you want to achieve from this coaching program

Worksheet Completed

  • The Wheel of Life 

Step 2:

Hopefully you were able to complete 'The Wheel of Life' exercise by now. If you haven't I would suggest you do that before continuing. It will help pin-point an area in your life you could improve and clarify what direction to take. Once you finish doing that, you can come back to the next step! 

Before you dive in deeper take a moment to sit with your thoughts and feelings. Grab yourself your favourite drink and your journal and reflect on the following:

  • How did it feel for you to reflect on yourself during the course of last week?

  • How you are feeling about where you are in life?

  • How are you feeling today? Bear in mind that the more you reflect about how you are feeling daily, the more you will become aware of your thought patterns and behaviours...and are more likely to be able to implement lasting change!

Person Writing

Over the course of the next three weeks coaching yourself, your focus is going to be on creating a realistic mini goal for yourself to achieve.  Take out your 'Wheel of Life' worksheet and create a small goal for yourself that will help you achieve more fulfilment in that area in life. Something you know you can achieve with your existing resources and time.


Keep it simple! The point of this is taking that first small step towards something bigger. Break the ultimate goal you have in mind down as many times as you need to until you get to a goal that feels achievable. I've listed a few examples of some simple goals below just to get you thinking... 

For example, I am feeling unfulfilled in my health and wellbeing section of my 'Wheel of Life' so my goal is going to look something like this: 

  • I plan to eat a healthy breakfast daily for the next three weeks and write in my journal about how it has improved my overall energy levels after each week.

  • I plan to go on a 20 minute walk during my lunch break every work day this week.

Now that you have your 3-week goal its time to write out your plan of action.


On your mark, get set, JOURNAL!!!


In your journal, answer the following questions:

  1. Which three areas from your wheel of life did you feel are a priority to you, the ones that matter the most? 

  2. In your journal reflect on why this area of your life is most important to you. Why do you feel it could be improved? What can you do to improve it? 

  3. What is the goal? 

  4. What is the plan for achieving this goal over the course of the next three weeks?

  5. On a scale from 1-10 how committed are you to making this change? Commitment is key here. If you are not committed to making this change, coaching yourself is not going to workout for you at this time. 

Time to make moves! 

Now that you have spent a nice amount of time with your head down in that journal, it's time to look ahead and with your mind focused and goal in perspective, begin to achieve. 

This week may bring up some blockages,

in your journal I want you to reflect on what is coming up for you. Do you have any blockages around this goal? Any limiting beliefs . Make note of the things that are working for you and the things that are not. 

The purpose of this is to become aware of what it is that could be holding you back. What are the limiting beliefs that you may have about this?  

Next week we will be tackling the beliefs you have about yourself.  

If you didn't want to share, that is perfectly ok. Either way, I will send you part 3 in a weeks time! 

Stay Rebel,


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