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Step 1: Focusing on Self Awareness

Let's smash this..

The first step is always the hardest eh? Well that’s because of all the build up in our minds that comes beforehand. It is common to feel stuck because of the overwhelming amount of thoughts, beliefs and fears we have about ourselves.


We are so clever we have mastered the art of talking ourselves out of a good thing, even if we know there WILL be a positive outcome.


We get stuck in our routines and we live life serving ourselves a plate of bad habits over and over again. Why? Why do people put themselves last!? That is masochistic madness in my opinion and this is why I want to help you try to overcome this... for free. 

Everyone deserves to love themselves!

So, for the first week you will focus on exploring yourself. Think of it as a ‘getting to know yourself’ process. You may be thinking you already know yourself and that is great, but something changes when we put our thoughts about ourselves down on paper. This weeks exercise forces you to come out of your head, place your thoughts on paper and have a good look at yourself from the outside in.

Self Awareness Journalling Work: Week One

Are you ready to get started with your first self-coaching assignment? Reminders:

  • Throughout this journey it's important to be able to commit the time to yourself. You won't be able to see results if you can't spend at least 30 minutes on yourself daily.

  • Be completely honest with yourself as this is for your own benefit.

  • Complete everything and don’t worry if you get stuck, it is all a part of the process. It will help you understand what your blockages are.

  • At the end of the week if you would like to share your experience with me you can send me what you have done/felt and I will give you some video feedback.

  • Then you will receive the next assignment…and we will take it from there.

Reading To Your Dog


Step 1:

Get out a journal or anything you want to write on. Begin by a little self reflection and answer the following questions: 

  1. What feelings are coming up for you today?

  2. What are three things you are grateful for today?

  3. What do you want to manifest/work on in life?

  4. Think about what is going well, what could be better?

  5. What would you like to achieve by coaching yourself?

Step 2

The next task is to find out what aspects of your life are out of balance. You will use a very simple yet powerful tool called 'The Wheel of Life' which you can download here:

  • Follow the instructions on the worksheet you have downloaded

  • Feel free to add sections to the wheel of life to make it suit you

  • Prioritise the sections by which ones mean the most to you, and reflect on these areas of your life in your journal

  • For each section in the wheel of life write out what is going well for you and what could be improved

Well done! You smashed it. That wasn't so bad was it? 


If you would like to share what you have done so far with me, I am happy to give you some feedback for free. Just hit me up on my email here:

If you didn't want to share, that is perfectly ok. Either way, I will send you part 2 in a weeks time! 

Stay Rebel,


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