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Personal Freedom and Being Present

Updated: Jul 29

Negative thinking is an addiction. On some level addictions feel good. Take drinking as an example, feels great whilst you’re enjoying that drink with your friends, but come the next day you’re hanging and feeling sorry for yourself. Well, your negative thoughts are not dissimilar to that. Let’s see why…

You’re so used to thinking negatively. You feel a sense of comfort within your own negativity, even if it makes you feel crap overall! Comforting crap, imagine that...oxymoron much? We are all guilty of doing this to ourselves at some point in our lives. But if you want to cut the crap and start liberating your mind and soul it is as simple as being present and questioning yourself.

Bringing awareness to your negative thoughts as they enter (or immediately after) gives you the ability to diffuse them. This is what can ultimately destroy them. Being present in your mind, and feeling the moment instead of letting the thoughts take over... is a true liberator.

<<Insert breath here....ahhhh!>>

When we become aware that there are negative thoughts dancing around our minds we’re able to question them by being present. Presence allows you to control your thought process and allows you to not believe the negativity. Simply stop yourself at the start of the negative thought (or straight after) and ask yourself, “is this actually true?”. This questioning of your own thoughts will allow you to experience a breakthrough and give you the control of your own mind.

Look, at the end of the day we all want to feel free, free from our negative thoughts and free from things that don’t make us feel good. When we are present, we are able to be free by choice, choose not to have those thoughts, force yourself to think of another way to perceive things. Life is way too short to spend most of your mental energy feeling sorry for yourself and putting yourself down. Flip the mental script on yourself and see the results for yourself. See the real you, the free you, the one who wants to live with FREEDOM and PURPOSE! It is all in the power of your own mind. No one else is going to change that for you.

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