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How To Transform Your Life With Positive Psychology Coaching…

Updated: Jul 29

What is Positive Psychology?

Positive psychology (PP) has generally been defined as the science of happiness, maximising human potential. The scientific study of happiness is relatively new (since 1999), however the study of happiness dates back to ancient times. The well known Ancient Greek philosopher, Socrates (469-399 BC) argued that happiness was something achievable through human effort and the key was to focus attention on the soul rather than the body. He further argued that fully understanding our desires and being able to quiet the mind will lead us to a divine state of tranquility.

What are Negative Narratives?

Negative narratives are ‘bad stories’ we hold about ourselves, the most critical person you know is probably… you! “I am a failure”, “I never do anything right”, “I will never have what I want”. We are all guilty of saying things like this at some point in our lives. Then, when something happens that confirms one of these negative narratives, we further convince ourselves it’s true. This doesn’t serve us and can hold us back from both achievement and happiness.

How Positive Psychology Coaching helps change negative narratives…

Positive Psychology coaching focuses on human strengths, positive emotions and what is right with people; rather than what is wrong. This method of coaching is designed to enhance a person’s wellbeing and performance in personal and work life.

PP coaching provides a space for you to identify your strengths and apply a positive mindset going forward. It supports you to change from a ‘negative narrative’ to a more positive one.

Positive coaching helps to change this negative behaviour by creating a new positive behaviour in its place. Change happens through daily practice, it won’t be an instant fix. The more you practice a positive behaviour - the more it becomes a lasting behaviour, which will ultimately make you feel better about yourself. Positive change comes from identifying something you’re happy about or grateful for, or even something that you are excited about daily. It’s not always about instantly feeling happy, but paying attention to what is serving you.

Positive Psychology coaching is invaluable to anyone wanting to experience the best version of themselves, realise lasting change and feel good from the inside out!

If you’ve found this article helpful and wish to find out more about how positive psychology coaching can turn your life around, as it has for countless others, reach out to me using the links on my website. I offer a free 30 minute initial consultation.

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