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6 Ways to Recharge your Mindset this Summer!

Updated: Jul 29

Summer is definitely here, we are getting into the swing of things now for sure! Thinking about having BBQ's, going to the beach, camping, travelling, enjoying a nice cold drink with friends, spending more time soaking up that vitamin D!

Isn't it funny how the weather has an effect on our overall wellbeing and can shift our entire mindset?

Well this is exactly why there is no time like the present to use this beautiful time of the year to work on ourselves: mind, body and spirit! I love the sound of that personally

Breathe into the thought of that for a moment. Close those busy eyes that are always looking around and thinking about what the next move is... and just breathe into your heart.

Ahhhhh! Bliss, a moment of bliss.

I have created a little list for you to get the most out of your summer, to help you remember to live the best version of yourself EVERYDAY!

6 Ways to Recharge your Mindset this Summer

Step into nature

When, if not now, is a good time to get that much needed energy from nature. Being within nature improves your overall well-being, reduces stress and helps you feel more connected to nature. Why not try doing more of what you would normally do inside, outside? Can you have your lunch outside under a tree? See how it makes you feel to switch up your normal routine and take some of it to nature!

Swap your electronic device for a good old fashioned book

I know, this is a hard one right? For most of us it is, we have become slightly addicted to our devices. There have been many studies done showing that decreased screen time is good for our mental health. Why not find yourself an interesting book to enjoy instead of just mindlessly scrolling through your phone this summer? Besides, getting you off your phone a bit more each day will help you connect with those around you and appreciate the here and now!

Move your body

This one is a no-brainer! Moving your body is going to make you feel better physically and mentally. There really is no argument here, this is science. The more you exercise, the more those feel-good endorphins are released, the better off you look and feel. What a lovely little cycle, and it doesn't take much. Even just 30 minutes of activity, however you like to move, will do you good for the longer-term. Why not try a group fitness class to get you motivated? Come on, move that body!

Mindfulness & Meditation

How often do you hear about mindfulness these days? Has anyone ever mentioned meditation to you? Mindfulness & Meditation definitely lives up to the good reputation you most likely have heard about. Try practicing some meditation this summer to ground yourself, calm your thoughts, destress and improve your overall mental and physical state (a lot of our physical pain is psychosomatic, a healthy mind is a healthy body). Even 5-10 minutes a day would give you immense benefits. There are countless youtube videos for guided meditations and load of free mindfulness apps you can download (at least when on your phone, have it be mindful!)


This one is my all time favourite. Do not knock it until you try it, seriously... and if you have tried it, you know just how good this feels. This in itself is a mindful process, so healing and nourishing to the soul. Go and find yourself a little journal (use paper/notes on phone if you must!), start writing your thoughts everyday, practice writing about the things you are grateful for each day, the moments you enjoyed, your dreams and how they make you feel. Get in touch with your feelings. This is your space, and something incredible happens when you start to put your (typically emotive) thoughts out on paper (a logical cognitive process). It is a release, and you will be able to see clearer through every journal entry!

Don't overindulge in unhealthy food and alcohol

Summer is full of fun, food and drinks. This is also the time to be very careful as to not over indulge. Be mindful of what you put into your body, nourish it and protect it. That is not to say don't have fun and indulge, but remember that too much is never a good thing! It can cause you to experience a major setback instead of moving you into the best version of yourself. Limit the vices and your mind, body and spirit will thank you for it in the long-run.

Whatever you choose to do, remember you are in control. If you want to feel better inside and out, it is all going to start with your mindset, and that takes proper hard work. Try all or some of these ways to recharge your mindset this summer, and see how good you feel on the other side!

As with anything in life, you will only get out what you put in, so the more you care about yourself (and the people around you) the better off you will be!

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