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Positive Mindset

My Personal Offer To You!

What are the different ways Valerie Life Coach will add value to my life?

Having a positive mindset is a wonderful thing. I’ve come to think of it as the foundation stone to building a life you can be really proud of. It’s not to say everything comes easy, it may look like that to some of your peers, but you and I both know that life is not quite like that. Anything worth building takes time, hard work and relentless tenacity.

Having been in this game for more than ten years, my philosophy has organically evolved to centre around the dual concepts of Freedom and Purpose. I didn’t set out with this in mind, rather I gradually came to recognise these common elements that’ve been present in all my most happy and successful clients lives.

The truth is that, while having a positive mindset is a great start, there are still many issues that could be preventing you from living the life you deserve: limiting beliefs, fear of failure, procrastination issues to name just a few. How do I know? I personally have confronted these and many other issues along the path of my journey over the past ten years.

And that’s why I want to propose we work together on a very special project: taking your life to the next level; through an intense program of coaching over the next three to six months.​

I’ve put together a special program for you where we will:

  • crush your limiting beliefs,

  • nail your true passions and purpose in life and

  • gather all your strengths to focus them creating a life for you that you will be completely proud of and want to celebrate. A life filled with Freedom and Purpose.

Normally, six months of my premium plus pro membership would cost £399 per month but I am offering a 50% discount @ just £199/month  if you sign up within the next seven days. You can cancel at any time and I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.


If you remain a member for the full six months this will save you an incredible £1,200.​

Here's what I'm including in the membership:


  • Four One Hour One to One Personal Coaching Sessions with me every month.

  • An Invitation to join my Bi-Weekly - 40 Minute - Coaching Masterclass

  • Access To All Premium Content On The Website

  • An Invitation To My Monthly Webinar…

  • With Post Monthly Webinar AMA (Ask Me Anything)

  • Exclusive Monthly Course Materials - Worksheets, Quizzes Etc.

  • A Weekly Personal Email From Me

  • Regular Discount Codes For Premium Plus Memberships

  • And of course I offer unlimited WhatsApp support for as long as you remain a premium member.

To take advantage of my offer, just click the button below and sign up within the next seven days.

Stay Rebel, Valerie