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You Have A Neutral Mindset

How To Change A Neutral Mindset To A Positive One...

Being in a neutral mindset can mean that you are quite balanced overall. You have the ability to be calm in most situations.


You are not really a positive person, but are not negative either. You just get on with things and neither think too negatively or optimistically about them. Situations arise, and you deal with them as best you know how.


You may not be doing what you are crazy about in life, but you’re pushing along and coping well with the day-to-day routine. There is definitely room for improvement in your life, and maybe you have not found your unique purpose, direction and passion in life.


Challenging your neutral perspective and taking you out of your comfort zone may help you achieve greater personal happiness.

How To Change A Neutral Mindset To A Positive One...

The first step to changing your neutral mindset to a more positive one is awareness. Becoming aware of your belief systems and habitual behaviours is fundamental to achieving a more balanced outlook on life. One method that I highly recommend is journaling. Journaling forces your brain through the process of having to explicitly document and analyse your actions and behaviours allowing them to be contemplated from a more dispassionate and objective perspective. You can read more about journaling and several other methods for increasing self awareness in this blog post: 6 Ways to Recharge your Mindset this Summer.

Of course, increasing your self awareness is just one route we'll take to uncover the real you and begin working on that positive mindset together if you choose to opt for one to one coaching with me. 

So go ahead and book your thirty minute initial consultation with me, right now, using the button below. It's completely free and totally non-salesy. In fact I treat it no differently than any other, regular, 'paid for' session. This means that you'll experience incredible value and see for yourself just how much coaching can positively impact your life, just as it did for me.

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