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I recommend you start with a coach, here's why...

What does positivity even mean?

Positivity isn’t always something visible, it is more about one’s overall perspective of life.


Having a positive mindset means you tend to focus on the things that are good in life. This doesn't mean that only good things happen to you, but when you experience some of life’s challenges, you make the best out of a potentially bad situation. You are able to see the best of people, and of yourself.


You are optimistic, you make an effort and take chances even if your efforts don’t pay off.  You are accepting of situations and acknowledge that things don’t always turn out how you want them to, but you learn from your own mistakes.


When you fail at something, you bounce right back and don’t give up. You are grateful for things in life, constantly appreciating the good things that come your way. You can be mindful and present and have the ability to focus and calm your mind of thoughts.

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