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Spending the Day Outside


  • Single Session

    Book a one hour, online coaching session with Valerie

What Would You Like To Achieve Through Coaching?

Build Self Confidence

Self confidence is key to becoming the person you deserve to be. I will introduce you to tools from the field of psychology to sculpt your belief systems

Communicate Effectively

Master interpersonal communication and watch your career and relationships achieve new heights

Gain Mental Clarity

Work with proven techniques that will reveal your true purpose in life [spoiler: it's likely not what you currently hold to be true!]

Find Inner Peace

Discover methods that will bring lasting contentment and happiness to your life


Learn About My Coaching Methodology In Detail...

It's A Five Phase Transformation Process:

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  • Identifying Belief Systems

  • Identifying Negative internal dialog

  • Understanding Core Values

  • Discovering Limiting Beliefs

  • Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Understanding Negative Talk


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  • Clear Blockages

  • Creating Good Habits

  • Establishing A Positive Mindset

  • Challenge Perspectives

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  • Build Self Confidence

  • Self Love Workshop

  • Work/Life Balance Workshop

  • Relationship Management

  • Communication Support

  • Dealing with Change Workshop

  • Mental Clarity Workshop

  • And more...

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  • Establish Goals

  • Entrepreneurship support

  • Freedom and Personal Liberty Coaching

  • Health and Fitness Coaching

  • Performance Coaching

  • Future Pacing

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  • Holding to account

  • Ongoing Assessment

  • Checklists

  • Homework

  • Tasks

  • Journaling

  • Gratitude Work

  • Letter Writing Workshop

Positive Results Every Time:

With My VLC [5 Step] Coaching Methodology

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