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Do I Need A Coach... Or A Therapist?

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Do I Need A Coach... Or A Therapist?

This is a question I hear quite often. In my personal experience, I think if you have a lot of unresolved past trauma or mental health issues that are problematic for you, seeing a therapist first would be best. Sometimes you can use both. Rest assured if I feel that I can’t coach you on something that is beyond my ability I will let you know immediately.

Can You Describe The Main Differences Between A Coach & A Therapist?

Simply put, a therapist such as a counsellor or psychotherapist works with clients over the long-term.

The Therapist

The therapist is a healthcare professional who can diagnose and help resolve issues with problematic behaviours, beliefs and relationships.


Therapy focuses on the past, and on introspection and analysis; hopefully resolving past issues and creating more stability and happiness in the future.

The Coach

In life coaching the client works with a coach (who is typically not a healthcare professional) to gain clarity on goals, identify problematic behaviours so that an action plan can be put in place to achieve desired results.


The main difference between a therapist and a coach is the coach takes the clients current situation as a starting point and supports the client identify their strengths and skillset to help move them forward. A coach helps a client eliminate limiting beliefs and identify what blockages may be holding them back from moving forward.


Coaching helps people gain clarity and allows them to gain full control of their life to achieve goals.

Quiz - Do I Need A Coach Or A Therapist?
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