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Mindful Business

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"Success in life is often about showing up consistently over time. This is certainly true in business and entrepreneurship. Having a positive, can-do attitude is essential. It builds a thick skin. You will be less affected, emotionally, by other peoples criticism. Success in business, if you drew a graph, would look like an exponential curve. You have to stick at it for a long time before the results start to go up, but when they do, they go to the moon. Sadly, most people give up before they get to that stage. I would advise you to retain a long term relationship with your coach, checking in regularly so that you are held to account over the longer term. The absolute minimum would be once every six months, but I’d advise a higher frequency. The same can be said for picking up new skills, learning a new instrument, or learning a new language for instance. You often have to stick with these things while seeing very slow progress for some time, but then you reach a stage where it suddenly starts to come together and the stars finally align."

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