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Do You Have An Entrepreneurs Mindset?

Find Out If You Have What It Takes To Succeed In Business With This Short Quiz...

Why Mindset Matters...

Taking the leap from the safety and security of a traditional 9 - 5 job into the uncertain, shark infested waters of entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Rewards are far from guaranteed and the freedom to work from a hammock on a tropical beach may turn out to be an inaccurate vision.

It's often quoted that 90% of new businesses fail within the first five years. This is likely to be optimistic. Many of us going into business for ourselves only ever manage to create a job for ourselves where we end up having to work long hours with little reward. Frankly we'd be better off working for someone else.

There are many reasons businesses don't succeed, no business plan, no market for the product or service offered, poor budgeting/running out of money and the biggest one of all is unsuitable mindset.

10 Awesome Benefits Of An Entrepreneur Mindset

  • Self Mastery - Know your values and live your life accordingly

  • Improves sleep - Try running a business after a bad nights sleep!

  • Improves confidence - Confident people are far more likely to find success in business

  • Clear vision of goals - Know where you're going and how you're going to get there

  • Builds resilience - Running a business is demanding and stressful

  • Helps to prevent negative thinking and catastrophizing - An entrepreneur needs to stay positive at all times

  • Better coping skills - You will need these

  • Reduce stress - Running a business can be an incredibly stressful activity

  • Mental clarity - The ability to stay calm and think clearly under pressure

  • Ability and confidence to communicate feelings - Master how to build relationships with employees and communicate what needs to be done

Take the first step toward business success with my mindset assessment quiz. You will discover your current mindset and receive insightful video assessment from me.

Begin your business and entrepreneurship journey the right way by taking this quiz, there’s no obligation and you'll receive my video feedback instantly.

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