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Meet Your Coach...

How I transformed my life and followed a path of freedom and purpose


Hi there and welcome. My name is Valerie (Βασιλική). I was born in Athens, Greece; raised in Boston (Massachusetts) and now settled in England (yes, not far from Boston, Lincolnshire!) with my partner and our two children.


I'm a fully accredited Transformational Life Coach and hold a MSc in Psychology.


My passions are:

  • helping people live the best version of themselves

  • helping people find their true purpose in life

  • helping people find freedom

Being a life coach (and mum!) means I get to do this every single day!

Qualified Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

A healthy mind deserves a healthy body. When they can work together they'll deliver outstanding results.


As a fully qualified fitness coach and personal trainer, you can bet that as part of our work together I'll encourage you to focus on your physical health (where necessary).

Healthy Mind - Healthy Body!

Gym PT web.jpg

MSc Psychology and mental health work


Before starting my coaching practice, I fulfilled a lifelong ambition and graduated as a Master of Psychology.


I began working with people suffering from mental health issues and also volunteered helping in suicide prevention for a number of years with the mental health charity SANE UK. As you can imagine, I was taught some valuable lessons during this time.

I've carried my experience and knowledge of psychology over to my coaching. This is what's given me such deep insight into my clients belief systems and enabled me to help so many people overcome their negative beliefs and start living their true selves.

Investment Banking

Ten years ago I was feeling really stuck. I knew something had to change… I just didn’t know what.

Taking advantage of my business degree I'd got myself a role at an investment company, eventually being promoted into a trading position. I was completely unfulfilled though and acutely aware I needed to make a profound and lasting change.


A close friend of mine was seeing a life coach and recommended I take a look at coaching for myself. So I did.

The experience opened my eyes to a whole new level of living. I was so excited by it I couldn't wait to share what I'd learned. So I ended up becoming a coach myself.

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