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Your mindset is often described as the gateway to happiness and satisfaction in your life. With the right mindset everything else becomes possible.

Creating and maintaining a positive mindset is at the core of my coaching methodology. If you choose to work with me we'll spend the first few sessions deep diving into this and creating a strong foundation for later work.

My Methodology

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Build Self Confidence

Self confidence is key to becoming the person you deserve to be. I will introduce you to tools from the field of psychology to sculpt your belief systems

communicate effectively

Master interpersonal communication and watch your career and relationships achieve new heights

gain mental clarity

Work with proven techniques that will reveal your true purpose in life [spoiler: it's likely not what you currently hold to be true!]

find inner peace

Discover methods that will bring lasting contentment and happiness to your life

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Whether you dream of becoming a digital nomad, fashion blogger or simply taking it easy for a while, I can help you make it happen

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Meet Your Coach

My name is Valerie, I'm a fully accredited Transformational Life Coach and hold a MSc in Psychology. My passion is helping people live the best version of themselves, find their true purpose in life and to find freedom.

It makes a happier environment for all when we are following a path to our higher self, putting ourselves first and loving ourselves.  I want to help you find your purpose in life, figure out what makes you tick, what makes you genuinely smile and what makes you authentic.

We will work together to uncover all of your strengths and bring them to the light, helping you feel more confident and powerful in your moves towards ultimate happiness.  Let me help you see the things that maybe you have struggled to see in the past and guide you to see things from a fresh perspective.

Animas Accredited Coach
Accredited Certificate In Positive Psychology
MSc Psychology
MSc Psychology

Accredited Certificate In Positive Psychology


When you're feeling stuck, I will be there for you in a non-judgemental way and find out what sort of limiting beliefs you have around this issue. I want to help you choose what you would like to believe about yourself instead.  I want to see you living the life you want to be living.

Stay Rebel,